From the mind of Tom Taylor, featuring the talents of James Harren, Stefano Gaudiano, and Trevor Hairsine, comes a thrilling new mini series that spares no hero. While only two issues deep, I’m hooked.

With the compelling plot to the great dialog to the vivid artistry, it’s hard not to be.

The first issue begins with the Justice League defeating Darkseid, who left with the ominous warning that he already got what he came for. learning that Cyborg has been captured, and once again having the Justice League bristle a the fact that Batman having trackers on them, we turn the page to find him held prisoner on Apokolips.

Engaging in witty banter with a acolyte of Darkseid, he “summons death” and implants it in Cyborg who promptly explodes.

Suddenly, people start to go crazy and resemble zombies. Superman quickly flies home and stops his family from getting the virus that’s being transmitted via technology. Damien Wayne, who is over playing video games (which I admit to loving because I love their friendship), is also saved and unable to reach Batman. He’s unconcerned, noting that Batman isn’t exactly “social” and will probably be fine.

Meanwhile, Batman is decidedly not fine as he shuts down Wayne Manor to keep the infected Nightwing and Red Robin (Tim Drake) from escaping. Saving Alfred, getting bit by his zombified kids in the process, he orders him to run as he holds them off.

The next issue begins with Aquaman discovering an isolated boat full of infected people, noting that this had spread to all corners of the globe by now.

In another part of town we see see our favorite Bisexual Power Couple™ of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy prepping the former to confront the Joker and formally end any resemblance of a relationship to him. However the king of madness himself is also infected, leaving the resulting confrontation open-ended.

Jumping around again we see Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Hal Jordan camping outside Metropolis and currently unaware of any trouble. Answering his phone then being promptly turned into a zombiw, Hal Jordan attacks his friends. Black Canary manages to stop Hal, who’s ring protests the excessive use of force, killing him in the process. The ring immediately then chooses her as Earth’s new Green Lantern. Ready to immediately give up the power, Superman arrives with a chilling “We’re going to need it.”

Back in Metropolis Damien has managed to reach Batman. Letting them know that the infected, describing them as extremely hungry and spreading death. You know, like zombies.

Worse, Batman himself is infected. He’s able to slow the progression of the virus by using Mr. Freeze’s suit, but it won’t hold it off long. He quickly gives the group the information he’s gathered and a tentative plan. He then gives an emotional goodbye to Damien, who is increasingly showing rare emotion and distress, finishing with a heartbreaking “Dad?” before Bruce becomes a (not a) zombie himself.

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