From the creative team of Shuizhu, Gunji, Greg Pak, and Ario Anindito comes the new hero from China. Lin Lee is the Sword Master; an untrained kid who was left a mysterious sword by his father. Teaming up with Shang-Chi, the master of Kung Fu, the Marvel Universe just got a little bigger.

Brilliant world building, exciting action, and engaging characters! This new series balances the humor and adventure well with stakes high enough to keep the audience coming back for more. Interweaving the story of his origin and his mission, the creative team captivated my full attention while reading.

Sword in the Tomb

Lie is a teenager who is haunted by dreams of demons, has a father who has disappeared, and a best friend there to help him through it all. Tracking down some grave diggers, Lie learns the truth about what happened to his father. His father, an archeologist, unearthed an ancient sword that unleashed a dangerous red fog. After it dissipated he, along with several grave diggers disappeared.

While preparing to leave to track down his father, a mystery box arrives. Leaving the reader in suspense, the story ends with a “to be continued…”

Boxes within boxes

Continued in issue #2, the mystery box is addressed to Lie from his missing father. Inside is a mystical puzzle box, but while Lie tries to solve it the postman turns into a monster and attacks. He stands no chance against it until suddenly the black sword mysteriously comes to life on its own. It destroys the monster and saves Lie’s life.

Meanwhile, a strange new woman with mystical powers crashes in the finish off the demon.


This part of Sword Master is brilliant fun! Lie is a fun character that you immediately like. The humor and action are well balanced and the mystery keeps me coming back for more. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Master Class part 1 &2

Set sometime in the near future, Lie now wields the sword and is searching for his father. While interrogating an old man, Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, steps in. Apparently knowing each other, Shang-Chi scolds Lin Lie for coming to America without telling him. Apparently the sword he has is so powerful that “there are hundreds of villains who would murder their mothers” for it.

Shang-Chi decides to train Lie. Falling on his face a few times, Lie realizes that just because he has a magic sword doesn’t make him invincible.

Having a nightmare of Lie killing him, Shang-Chi wakes up to find Lie having a midnight snack. Reprimanding him for not taking training seriously. He also suggests getting rid of the sword, but Lie reacts in anger. Shang-Chi admits he’s scared of what that sword can do, he advises Lie that he should be too.

As if to prove a point, a noise in the alley alerts them. In the alley are a group of undead gladiators ready to attack. Ignoring the command to run, Lie charges in to help Shang-Chi, only for them both to be captured by Ares, God of War.


The master of Kung Fu, suspicious of all things magic, training a headstrong kid on a mission is both comedy and action gold. Their chemistry is undeniable and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Final Thoughts

Having the two stories in the comic is brilliant. The first part is the origin of Sword Master and the second part is Lin Lie on his mission to find his missing father. Both stories are entertaining and the art stylings are both breathtaking. A sympathetic and interesting character, I loved reading Sword Master. 9/10

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