Pretty Violent #1 – Review

With Pretty Violent and lots of swears what you see is what you get. Derek Hunter and Jason Young team up to bring this Image Comic that wouldn’t be out of place in a rated R Cartoon Network.

Visual gags of gore, guts, and swears adorn every page as a new superhero Gamma Rae tries to prove herself around Bay City. While she does, eventually, stop the villains she manages to kill several heroes and hundreds of civilians at the same time. The blood and gratuitous f-bombs come off as more shock value than anything else. The visual gag of ripping someone in half and having their guts spilled out is repeated almost as much as the multiple misunderstandings.

After a long day of failing as a superhero, Gamma Rae ends up back with her family revealed to be villains. This reveal is almost lack luster however; its a trope that has been done before and felt almost obvious.

The ending has an even more overdone plot point of a Gamma Rae from the future coming to the past to warn her brother about danger. Disbelieving her at first until he sees the past Gamma, he still ignores the warning and leaves.

Final Thoughts

Visually the cartoon style is flawless, but other than that I was almost bored. The humor originally drew me in in the first few pages, but the same jokes were repeated and just left me wanting something else. 3/10

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