“Trust me, no one will know you better than the people you grew up with.” This first sentence rings true for me as I read Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. I grew up loving both of these things: I was always the Green Ranger or Donatello when playing with my friends as a kid.

This story by Parrot, di Meo, and Baiamonte isn’t just a nostalgia trip, but also an interesting new story filled with action and humor. The comic starts with both teams in their respective cities fighting their average evil. We learn that the Green Ranger is working undercover and the Turtles discover him. The Power Rangers show up and give him back up as a fun battle filled with classic lines are thrown around. Meanwhile we learn Shredder is watching this all go down.

Over all it was a fun setup to this 5 part series. More action than plot, it was still well done and the art was brilliant. 3/5

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