Dark Multiverse Teen Titans Judas Contract Review

The last in a fascinating series of one-shots re-imagining classic stories as they would happen in the Dark Multiverse, this one was incredible. It starts out the same way the original story line goes; Beast boy and Terra have a flirtation, Wally leaves to go to college, and Dick wants to stop being Robin.

But this time Dick takes the time to sit down with Terra and really talk with her. This prompts Terra to reject working with Deathstroke and enhance her power becoming Gaia. She attacks the titans, burring Cyborg, Raven, Beastboy, and even Starfire. She attacks Robin, but Wally is there as Kid Flash to save him in the nick of time.

Terra, now at full strength, manages to destroy them easily, then goes on to take on the whole Justice League and eventually ruling the earth.


I loved this. This sense of inevitability captures me as a reader and makes me want to see more of these one shots. For this one specifically I loved the classic art style and story flowing seamlessly into this new ending. Something that was new in this one shot was the theme of empathy and how more of it could help, a message that I think the world needs right now. Overall I have loved all these one shots; they have been a perfect length to get the core thoughts across. Well executed and thoughtfully done. 5/5

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