With 1300+ kickstarter backers, Better Backstories is a unique Dungeons and Dragons tool that is a must try. This card based generator was developed by James ‘Jay’ tilipec, Tim Mazurek, and Blazbaros to be used in multiple situations. From character creation to weather situations to even song writing, the uses are endless.

The card pack contains 85 cards; 10 cards for each of the 8 categories, and 5 blank cards where you can come up with your own. The cards themselves also have randomized items on it such as the numbers 1-10, acting as a d10, 26 weather events, and 28 geography landmarks. Depending on the card it also designated a positive, negative, neutral, or mystery alignment. All of this information can be used together, or simply use only one piece. This can help by picking many cards to create a character, a few cards to fill in character blanks, or one card to simply make a passing townsfolk.

Looking for inspiration for a song, poem, or short story? Have writers block? Can’t figure out the motivation or fatal flaw for a character? This card generator can help with all of that. While playing around with the deck I enjoyed the amazing detail work that went into the creation of it. My favorite card is Sourpuss in the trouble category, it just made me laugh and immediately start thinking of a character to match the card.

Better Backstories will get your creative juices flowing in this card based generator that has so many different applications. With so many options and details it’s a sure fire way to make sure whatever you are working on will be even better!

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