Visually stunning with lots of mystery, Disaster, Inc is a must read for people seeking something new and exciting. Written by Joe Harris with stunning visuals by artist Sebastian Piriz and colorist Andy Clarke. Taking on the very real setting of post Fukushima Disaster and elevating the stakes seems like a risky move but the team makes it work. 

They take on the advent of “disaster tourism” and explore the personalities of the types of people who go on these trips. As they enter the “Exclusion Zone” something mysterious starts to happen when they are attacked by what seems like zombie samurai. Ancient samurai who once protected the region have now arisen. Questions on how and why still remain, as well as what the alternative motive for the adventure for the surviving people. 

The art is vivid with great use of colors. Butterflies, commonly a symbol of rebirth, take center stage in many scenes with gorgeous colors. This is accented by the dark and gangrenous colors of the returning samurai that makes the reader feel the stakes. Not to be out done, the writing is interesting and the characters well developed. 

As for me, I am eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what happens next. 4/5

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