This NSFW comic is more than it seems; it takes risqué content and turns it into a real look at society, politics, and sex. From the creative team of Sarah Beattie, Tim Seely, Rebekah Isaacs, and Kurt Micheal Russel, comes a new story that has quickly become one of my favorites. 

What starts out as a silly premise quickly turns into much more. The comic follows the adventures of the XXXplores; a team of multi-disciplined scientist who decide to fund their experiments by going off into space and film themselves having sex with aliens. But the comic is so much more than that; it explores the complex relationships of humans, the morality of society, the darker side of the porn industry, how science is underfunded, politics as a whole, and so much more. It takes very real and serious issues and balances it with comedy. It even tackles toxic masculinity in a rare moment you don’t usually get from comics. It has a diverse group of main characters, both LGBT and people of color. 

I honestly don’t know if i can express how much I really love this comic. When I’m not working in the comic industry I am a biologist. I know first hand what it’s like being a queer woman in science, struggling for acceptance and funding. Seeing a comic taking on such serious issues in a fresh light really speaks to me. 

Even if you can’t relate to the plot as closely as I can, there is still something for everyone. There’s action, romance, space travel, cool aliens, and more. 

I’m giving this a 5/5. If I could give it a 6 I would. 

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