Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr

With the casting rumors of the character Noh-Varr, or Marvel Boy, many people are wondering who this character is. First appearing in Marvel Boy #1 (August 2000) with further rolls in Civil War, New Avengers, Young Avengers, and now Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a pansexual icon trapezing across the galaxy with his friends having a grand old time, while also saving it from time to time.

A weird early history:

Created by Grant Morrison and J. G. Jones, Noh-Varr’s aesthetic was directly inspired by MTV and pop art. Heavily influenced by music, Noh-Varr was introduced as a Kree Alien from an alternate universe who, through a series of events, crash landed on Earth in the main Marvel reality. As a Kree alien, he started out anti-Earth because he was attacked by the villain Midas.

SHIELD eventually took him into custody and during the events of Civil War brain washed him to capture the Runaways. Fighting against them and the Young Avenger, the hero Vision intervened and was able to stop the mind control. He then shows up again during the events of the Secret Invasion. Inspired by other Kree protecting Earth, he decided to help stop the Skrulls.

Taking on the mantle Protector, he then becomes an ally for the Avengers and helps Earth, adopting it as his new home planet. Eventually the Kree and Avengers came at odds and Noh-Varr has trouble choosing who to help, getting himself in trouble with both sides.

New Beginning

In 2013 Noh-Varr was reintroduced in Young Avenger Vol 2 as an earth-loving-alien who wants to help as Marvel Boy. He dated Kate Bishop and they became kind of a mom and dad to a group of young heroes. Instead of a new chance to help, he ended up facing his past, as well as Loki’s past, and had to come to terms with all the previous (and numerous) mistakes he’s made.

Deciding that the best way to move forward is to rebuild the empire, and reputation, of the Kree, Noh-Varr ends up in the service of the Inhumans, proving his intentions of being a hero. He eventually meets up with old team mates, now the West Coast Avengers, and shows them that he’s kept his promise of being a better person.

Now he’s been recruited in 2020 by Nova to help the Guardians of the Galaxy fight a new evil. Currently dating Hercules, he is still out there saving the cosmos. His future in the Marvel Universe seems bright with the rumors surrounding his casting in the MCU and fans of his should be excited.

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