Marauders: Pirates in Space

In the Dawn of X event a new team was introduced: the Marauders. Fashioned as modern day pirates led by Kitty, now Kate, Pryde, they sail the seas helping other mutants get to the new mutant island country of Krakoa. Now in the Reign of X the Marauders are now in space with a new team line up.

Still led by Kate, the Marauders got a distress signal from Shi’ar space and head to find what could be a mutant in trouble. But what they find is political intrigue and a conspiracy of mutants from times long ago. Wanting to travel in time to save the first mutants of Earth, the team is dangerously close to jumping the Shark.

While I was a big fan of the first Marauders story, the current one has admittedly lost me. I’m still reading out of curiosity, but I don’t love it like I use to. My love for these characters keep me going, I just hope it will be a worth while payout.

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